I Drink To Forget The Pain But Mostly Your Name




Run often.
Run long.
But never outrun your joy of running.

aww I love how this is her reaction to winning

Front Porch Step - Poison
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you make me wish that I would die

Seahaven - Slow Down
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Seahaven // Slow Down

"I’ll reply by walking out, illustrate the then and now,
Leave you broken like you’ve been left
By the ones that you love most.
I am more lost than you could know.” 


This 🙌


This 🙌

I still miss you, but it doesn’t come in giant waves that sweep me out into the middle of the ocean and drag me under until I forget how to breathe. Missing you is more like driving late at night with the soft hum of the radio in our ears the night we came back from the beach and I fell asleep with my head in your lap. I think I’ll always miss you, and it hurts to think that you’re not alone, but I’m learning to be okay with that. I want to let go, but it’s you. It’s always been you. At least,I wanted it to be.
You made me cry, and you made me scream and you made me miserable, but more importantly, you made me love. I think that’s always going to stay with me, and I think missing you is just a part of that, so I’m prepared to love you forever.
I’m not angry anymore. I hope you smiled today. (via rebecunt)


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